Drawing on years of experience gained whilst responding to emergency calls with the Ambulance Service, Mountain Rescue and Lifeboats, we bring a blend of experience, up to date training techniques and a huge array of props to ensure that the training we deliver is engaging, up to date and relevant to your specific workplace.

Our instructors are skilled at pitching our training at the right level, so as to maximise the learners confidence and increase their skills.

What we do.

We train over fifty industry related courses, from Emergency First Aid (EFAW), First Aid at Work (FAW) AED Training, Basic Life Support (BLS) and much more, all HSE Approved.

Didn’t train with us before? No problem, we can still take care of your renewals, contact us for info.

Our passion for first aid drives us to ensure that our candidates know exactly how to properly care for their colleagues or loved ones in the unfortunate event of an accident or sudden illness.

Our comprehensive courses will give you the confidence to act in an emergency and could help you make all the difference to an injured person giving them the best possible chance of recovery.

How are we different?

We make our courses more interesting than your typical first aid course by using our huge supply of interactive training aids and devices, from our bespoke CPR Manikins, choking trainers and airway models, we will help you learn the techniques that could save a life.

We also teach Canine First Aid

Our Canine First Aid course will cover how to care for an unconscious dog as well as commonly occurring injuries and illnesses, including dealing with choking, drowning, bleeding, fitting, poisoning and much more.

The course is run in small groups, with hands on experience using our specially designed dog cpr manikins and numerous other practical training aids.

In addition to this, our bespoke professional dog walker and day care courses combine all this with a free human first aid course add on module, covering injuries that commonly occur in the salon or whilst out walking.

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